Handcrafted Gifts
Positive Energy
and Love

It’s all about the joy when finally you have done something beautiful on your own and observe it with quite a great deal of proud & successful feeling. Zoomy Art is a family owned business composed of a married couple who work different types and styles of jewelry and their two beautiful children.

My name is Yelitza C. Davila Torres and from an early age I am inspired by different types crafts. I remember as a child in my beautiful country Puerto Rico paintings rocks with my sister and all the joy and excitement that I felt when finishing those pieces. After more than 20 years of experience in the design and creation of jewelry, I still feel the same degree of happiness and excitement every time I finish a piece. I use different techniques such as: Resin, Wire, Clay, Lapidary, Jewelry Glass Fusing , Metalsmith and General Jewelry. My husband also creates beautiful pieces of faceted Gems. Zoomy Art has been my dream for a long time and now it became a collective family dream, where dualism does not exist and work is done with respect, love, the best energy and this is transmitted to all the pieces that we create.


Once receiving your order, we will turn
your products around in 3- 5 business days.


Each item is beautifully different, items are not mass produced, nor prefabricated, the crafting process is genuine, full of good energy and Love.